Grade the trade: 3-team proposal sees Hawks add $132 million trio & more

This multi-team trade proposal would see the Atlanta Hawks answer one of the biggest questions of the offseason.
Atlanta Hawks head coach Quin Snyder
Atlanta Hawks head coach Quin Snyder / Andrew Lahodynskyj/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Lakers held trade talks ahead of the deadline that would have sent Dejounte Murray to the Western Conference. Those talks broke down in part over the compensation in the deal.

There was always a thought that they could revisit those talks this offseason. And new revelations on several fronts suggest the time is right.

The Lakers have renewed interest in Murray and the Chicago Bulls could be a third team.

Chicago traded away Alex Caruso and have been working to trade Zach LaVine for the better part of two years. AllHawks’ Jackson Caudell suggests a three-team proposal to get everyone what they desire out of the situation.

Hawks receive:
- Gabe Vincent
- Jarred Vanderbilt
- Rui Hachimura
- 2024 first-round pick (No. 17 via LAL)
- 2030 first-round pick (via LAL)

Lakers receive:
- Dejounte Murray
- Zach LaVine

Bulls receive:
- AJ Griffin
- Cam Reddish
- D'Angelo Russell
- Jalen Hood-Schifino
- 2025 first-round pick (top-12 protected, via SAC)
- 2025 second-round pick (via LAL)

The Hawks’ decision about the backcourt is their biggest of their offseason.

This deal falls short of meeting financial rules. But that can easily be solved with a few tweaks like adding Garrison Mathews, Christian Wood, and Maxwell Lewis to the Bulls’ ledger.

Proposed Hawks trade finds 3rd team to facilitate deal with Lakers

Caudell argues for the depth this would give the Hawks on the wings. Jarred Vanderbilt and Rui Hachimura are both under 27 years old. 

Vanderbilt dealt with injuries last season but is an athletic, lengthy defender.

He is starting a four-year, $48 million contract extension. Rui Hachimura is entering Year 2 of a three-year, $51 million contract. He isn’t the defender that Vanderbilt is, but he offers a far more diverse offensive game.

Gabe Vincent also dealt with injuries last season after signing a three-year, $33 million deal to leave the Miami Heat in free agency last offseason.

Moving off Murray could allow more room for Kobe Bufking to develop with the Hawks.

The real star of this deal for the Hawks would be loading up on the future draft capital. But even that might only be as significant if they are determined to enter a rebuild. The Hawks would also be giving up on 2022 first-round pick AJ Griffin after one rough season.

After a promising rookie campaign, he proceeded to lose his spot in the rotation while also enduring some off-the-court personal issues. 

Having to surrender draft capital would sting too, even if it is not their own first in this scenario.

Grade – B-: This trade would keep the Hawks’ options open but would also see them diminish their draft capital at a pivotal time for the roster.