Grade the trade: 3-team proposal sees Hawks add $132 million trio & more

This multi-team trade proposal would see the Atlanta Hawks answer one of the biggest questions of the offseason.
Atlanta Hawks head coach Quin Snyder
Atlanta Hawks head coach Quin Snyder / Andrew Lahodynskyj/GettyImages
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Lakers make out like bandits in three-team trade proposal with Bulls & Hawks

This deal looks like a steal on paper for the Lakers, who add a pair of former All-Stars for the cost of five role players, one prospect, and a trio of draft picks, including a 2025 second-round pick to the Bulls,

Still, they get more dynamic adding Murray’s two-way, downhill ability to pair with LaVine’s elite touch from beyond the arc and – when healthy – still elite-level athleticism.

Murray’s bargain four-year, $114 million contract also balances out the remaining $138 million over three years left on LaVine’s five-year $215.1 million deal.

The Lakers would get to keep prized starter Austin Reaves, too.

The Hawks were said to covet Reaves in previous trade talks. But the Lakers held firm at the deadline and that decision pays off in Caudell’s scenario. However, the Lakers would be stripped of most of their maneuverability in the wake of such a move.

Moving Hood-Schifino (and Lewis to make the money work) also means the Lakers would be stripping their youth from the organization without draft capital due out.

That is a perilous proposition with LeBron James in the twilight of his career.

Anthony Davis had a tremendous season last year. But doubts remain about his ability to carry a team to a championship post-James. That is where getting LaVine and Murray in now could work to their benefit.

It would allow them to maximize James’ final run(s) and support Davis long-term. Davis was said to be a focus for the franchise leading into their hiring JJ Redick to be their head coach.

Grade -- A: The Lakers would be stripping themselves of young talent and the chance to obtain more, but this all-in move would answer a lot of questions.