5 Dejounte Murray trades Hawks GM Landry Fields should explore

As anticipation that the Atlanta Hawks will explore trade options for Dejounte Murray grows, here are five deals General Manager Landry Fields should explore.
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray / Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports
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Proposed Dejounte Murray trade lands certified bucker-getter from Nets

If not the Lakers, Murray could replace Young in another pre-existing trade rumor linking the latter to the Brooklyn Nets. It’s a rumor with roots in the Hawks’ long-time interest in acquiring the oft-injured Ben Simmons.

That interest has seemingly subsided as his issues have persisted, though. 

Dejounte Murray to Nets

Spencer Dinwiddie has done well as the Nets starting point guard, even averaging 10-plus assists for a stretch after they acquired him last season.

He also has ample experience playing off-ball from his time with the Dallas Mavericks.

Cam Thomas is a walking bucket with a string of 40-point performances last season to his name to prove it. But he offers little else at this point, and he isn’t always the most efficient scorer even when he’s on.

The Nets have a trove of draft picks, they just don’t control their own, thanks to previous dealings, hence the myriad contributors and pre-existing conditions on the picks in the pitch. The Hawks could (and probably should) also insist on including the Nets' 2030 first-round pick for good measure.

Murray would fit into the Nets’ switchable defense while the Hawks get additional player assets for their offense or further deals as well as draft capital. It could be tough to be the value in this deal if they are truly motivated to get something done in-season rather than the customary offseason for which these kinds of rumors can often prove to be testing grounds.

Whatever happens, the Hawks will be a staple of trade rumors yet again ahead of the February 8 deadline. A lot can change before then