Is there a potential for a changing of the guard at the Atlanta Hawks?

With Trae Young out injured, the Atlanta Hawks would have expected their season to be over. Instead, they are fighting for a play-in spot and it leads to the question, could there be a changing of the guard?

Mar 28, 2024; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray (5)
Mar 28, 2024; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray (5) / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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What are the cons for the Atlanta Hawks of rebuilding without Trae Young?

The Hawks have invested a lot in the last six seasons since they drafted Trae Young. They gave up a generational player in the draft night trade where they sent Luka Doncic to the Dallas Mavericks for Young. This move will be debated for as long as these two are in the league with the Hawks always being questioned over their decision making to trade back in the draft.

They have also given up Kevin Huerter and John Collins to build around the star. The question will need to be asked, what else will the franchise need to give up to make the Young-led Hawks team a success? But also, the front office has built the team to attempt to win with Young as the heart, is the team a chance of success long-term with the All-Star?

There is also the issue of Young's sizeable contract. In order to get a deal done the Hawks have to find a suitor willing to take a risk on Young with three years left on his deal, with an average yearly salary of around $45 million. This is a massive risk to take for a defensive liability. There is some noise coming out of LA that the Lakers may be interested but what the Hawks can get in return remains to be seen.

The Hawks face trying to get players into the squad that may not work with the defensive identity that they have developed in Young's absence. This is always a risk, but if you are willing to make the moves, then there is always a chance that you may come up trumps.