Rumors of rival's interest in Hawks trade 'haven't gone away': Insider

One league insider shed light on a rival's continued interest in completing a trade with the Atlanta Hawks.
Atlanta Hawks general manager Landry Fields
Atlanta Hawks general manager Landry Fields / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks still sit in a position of strength even in a draft without a true superstar prospect and one of the top available making himself less so. 

Alexandre Sarr’s reps are seemingly looking to avoid the Hawks in the draft.

Atlanta’s options at No. 1 would then seem to be between Donovan Clingan and Zaccharie Risacher However, rumored trade interest from the San Antonio Spurs could give the Hawks some of their negotiating power back.

“Rumbles about San Antonio interest in jumping up from No. 4 to No. 1 by constructing a trade with the Hawks haven't gone away,” The Stein Line’s Marc Stein wrote on June 22. 

The Spurs are said to be high on Risacher at the No. 1 spot. 

A trade back would allow the Hawks to pick up additional assets like draft picks or players and potentially still have a shot at landing Clingan, who profiles as the most ready-made contributor of the top three prospects.

He also has a fan in Hawks head coach Quin Snyder who has spoken with Clingan’s college coach, Dan Hurley, while the big man displayed improved shooting touch in a private workout.

There is an inherent risk in that strategy.

Clingan is on several teams’ radar with his projected ability to anchor a defense right away and the promise of what potentially extending his range could mean for his ceiling. Moving down more than one spot leaves the possibility for another team to swoop in and snag him up.

That could be a reason Hawks general manager Landry Fields said they are planning to make the pick at No. 1.

Stein notes that some rival teams are still skeptical about that though.

Draft insider speculates on Hawks’ potential cost to trade for Dejounte Murray trade

While the No. 1 pick could be in play, the Hawks are also expected to split up their star backcourt this offseason. While Trae Young’s name has been bandied about, Dejounte Murray’s name has been a constant.

He has gone from brushing off the trade rumors during the season to acknowledging they get him charged up to perform better.

For the Hawks, the decision could come down to what offers are on the table.

“As soon as they make the No. 17 pick in this month's draft, the Lakers can trade that pick along with first-round picks in 2029 and 2031, which should be plenty to land Murray from the Hawks,” ESPN’s Jonathan Givony wrote on June 20.

That path makes the most sense if the Hawks are planning to enter a full rebuild since the draft capital would help speed up the process.

Otherwise, standing firm in their position could be the quickest way back to contention.