3 trade destinations for Hawks' Dejounte Murray that make sense, 2 that don't

With trade rumors swirling around Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray, let's explore several landing spots that would make sense for the one-time All-Star and a couple that wouldn't.
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Dejounte Murray to the Knicks: Doesn’t make sense

First, Murray in New York on the Knicks makes as much sense as he does in Atlanta on paper. In both situations, he would be paired with a smaller guard who isn’t strong defensively. That both puts him out of position and has him in a defensive role he isn’t exactly suited for.

Except Knicks guard Jalen Brunson already has an extensive track record of contributing off the ball from his time with Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks.

Young – and the Hawks, for that matter – remains most effective with the ball in his hands.

But Murray’s Klutch Sports allegiance could get in the way.

The Knicks are run by team president Leon Rose and have executive William Wesley in their front office. Both were agents with CAA in their previous roles and were competitors with Paul and Klutch.

Ian Begley of SportsNet New York reported that a sitdown between the two sides could smooth things over, potentially paving the way for a deal. But that has not happened yet.

Still, the Knicks would provide a better defensive infrastructure around Murray thanks to head coach Tom Thibodeau rather than the three-point-centric approach Hawks head coach Quin Snyder has installed.

Would Atlanta trade Murray to an Easter Conference rival, though, and specifically the Knicks?