3 trade destinations for Hawks' Dejounte Murray that make sense, 2 that don't

With trade rumors swirling around Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray, let's explore several landing spots that would make sense for the one-time All-Star and a couple that wouldn't.
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Dejounte Murray to Golden State Warriors: Makes sense

Murray landing with the Warriors almost makes too much sense, even if his three-point shooting isn’t exactly Splash Brother-esque. The Warriors need to plan for a future beyond the ageless Stephen Curry.

And, at their heart, they’ve always relied on the kind of switchability that Murray would unlock in some of their lineups.

Curry is also one of the game’s most dangerous threats on the move off the ball.

The Warriors sit an uncharacteristic 11th in the Western Conference standings at 15-15. They have dealt with myriad injuries, suspensions, and general ineffectiveness. But adding a talent like Murray could revitalize their defense and title hopes, and vice versa on the latter.

Murray is a one-time All-Star and has the steals crown to his name. But he hasn’t been out of the first round of the playoffs since his rookie season in 2016-17. 

That’s not all on him, of course. But the Warriors certainly know how to make deep runs.

The Warriors also have control of their first-round picks after this season, meaning they can trade whatever they want beyond the 2025 draft. If it hasn’t happened by then, the ensuing picks could run into the post-Curry era, similar to the Lakers and James.