Clip of Hawks' Trae Young emerges amid fan reactions to Dejounte Murray trade

Video footage of Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young made social media rounds in the immediate aftermath of the Dejounte Murray trade.
Dejounte Murray, Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks
Dejounte Murray, Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Atlanta Hawks stars Trae Young and Dejounte Murray had a 55-62 record in their two seasons together. The Hawks decided to pull the plug on their experiment, sending Murray to the New Orleans Pelicans in a deal that brought back Larry Nance Jr., Dyson Daniels, E.J. Liddell and draft capital.

As the NBA world reacted to the news, video of Young taken by Clutch Points’ Tomar Azarly began making the rounds on social media. 

He was on the phone while in attendance at Donovan Mitchell’s youth basketball camp.

Young and Murray had previously brushed aside trade rumors in recent months, instead shifting the conversation to their strong personal relationship and their focus on improving on the court next season.

That will not happen now, and the Hawks’ future remains nebulous at best.

Murray and Young’s split sparked ample conversation in reaction, with many noting the price the Hawks paid versus what they accepted, most notably referring to Brandon Ingram, a rumored target.

The Hawks held advanced talks with the Lakers that broke down over compensation.

While the Hawks wanted Austin Reaves, the Lakers were dead set on retaining him. Meanwhile, Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell was not viewed as a good fit alongside Young. The three-time All-Star has also been linked to the Lakers in trade speculation.

Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer linked Young to the Pelicans on June 28, also naming the Lakers and San Antonio Spurs as potential landing spots.

Toronto Raptors swingman RJ Barrett was informed of the deal during a media scrum.

Previous talks between the Hawks and Pelicans broke down over the latter’s desire for All-Defensive forward Herb Jones. Atlanta gets Daniels back instead, whom they have also been linked to in previous rumors.

“Dejounte Murray and Herb Jones are going to straight-up terrorize ball-handlers,” Audacy Sports producer Jeff Nowak posted.

Murray led the NBA in steals in 2021-22.

The deal comes two days shy of the second anniversary of Murray’s trade to Atlanta. It also comes on the heels of the Brooklyn Nets receiving five first-round picks in a deal for Mikal Bridges to the New York Knicks.

“Dejounte Murray, a 27-year-old former All-Star and All-Defense selection, went for 2 first-round picks,” Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway posted. “Earlier this week, Mikal Bridges, a 27-year-old without an All-Star appearance but one All-Defense selection, went for 5 first-round picks

“The NBA makes no sense.”

The Hawks surrendered four first-round picks to the Spurs for Murray in 2022. They receive a 2025 first in the trade, so their future plans with Young and the rest f the roster remain up in the air. They have been mum on their direction for the team going forward.

Young has yet to post about the trade, though he could choose to delay any in-depth address until the next episode of his “From The Point” podcast.

“It’s a moderate haul. It’s not big. But I mean, for me, I look at this objectively. It’s like, okay, standing pat and running this back as it is and adding a draft pick nets you the same result. You’re a Play-In [Tournament] team at best. You gotta make a move, you gotta do something. They made a move. It needed to be done. I still think they traded the wrong guy,” 92.9 The Game’s Mark Zinno said on “SportsGrid” on June 28.

Fischer reported the expectation is that the Hawks will explore trade options for everyone aside from rookie No. 1 overall pick Zacchcarie Risacher and 2022 first-rounder Jalen Johnson, including Young.