Want to Write for SDS?


Have you ever thought about writing about the Atlanta Hawks? Well, it’s possible, experienced or not. Soaring Down South has multiple spots open for Contributing Writers. If you’re a person who has a lot to say, and are passionate about basketball, then contact us via email about joining the staff.

If you’re interested, simply send an e-mail to sds.editors@gmail.com with the details shown below:

  • Why you want to write for SDS.
  • Previous writing/blogging experience. (People with no experience will still be considered)
  • Writing style you prefer. (Opinionated, informational, stats-oriented, a mix of everything, etc.)
  • Any other information that you believe we should know when considering you.

You will get a response ASAP. I am interested in growing this website, and if you think you are someone who can help contribute in that, please don’t hesitate.

*If you have other talents that you can share to SDS we are always looking for that as well. Some people have the gift of graphic design, or the gift of creating epic highlight reels, or the gift of having a great voice for podcasts, etc. If you have any special talent that can help, use SDS as your platform!

David Menze

Editor-in-Chief, Soaring Down South