Atlanta Hawks Player Preview: Shelvin Mack


Shelvin Mack

  • AGE: 25
  • HEIGHT: 6’3



2014-2015 SEASON RECAP

After being traded for the 3rd time in one season, Shelvin Mack landed with the Atlanta Hawks during the 2012-13 campaign. And he has stayed longer than many people expected.

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After having the best season of his career the year before, Mack did not continue to improve last season. Entering the season, he was in a competition with Dennis Schroder for the Hawks second string point guard. By the end of the season, he was very far behind the youngster.

Mack particularly struggled from behind the 3 point line, shooting a near career-low 32 percent. Mack was never very consistent with his shot throughout his career, but his jumper was still disappointing last season. Mack also made some questionable decisions when handling the ball, as he committed 50 turnovers. As the third string point guard, Mack cannot afford to be turning the ball over this much. This led to him only playing 15 minutes per game last season, after playing 20 minutes per in the preceding season.

However, there were some high points in Shelvin Mack’s season. Mack is never the most talented player on the court, but he’s always capable of pulling some tricks that will surprise most defenses. He always seems to have a standout performance about once a month. It’s like the Butler version of Shelvin Mack comes back. Here is a classic Shelvin Mack performance against the Cavs from the last year.

And another good night against a Wizards team that had once waived him.

Basically, Shelvin Mack had some impressive spurts, but was a disappointment overall. He also had some decent minutes in The Playoffs. He hit a big three-point shot in the bench led comeback in Game 3 against Washington.


Many people that closely follow the Hawks thought Shelvin Mack had seen his last season in Atlanta. However, he is expected to be on the 15 man roster at the end of October. He is probably happy to be given this chance by the Hawks again.

Mack is expected to be the third string point guard again, behind Teague and Schorder. No one expects that to change. Although, Coach Bud will probably give Mack some minutes, especially at the beginning of the season. This will be his chance to prove his worth in the Hawks rotation, whether it be at point guard or the shooting guard spot.

If Shelvin wants to see a good amount of time of the floor, he needs to step his game up. He needs to cut down on turnovers. If he can improve his decision making, he will fit into the Hawks system much better. To go along with that, he needs to be able to locate open teammates cutting towards the basket. Overall, he is a pretty good passer but he tends miss some big opportunities. If he gets in the game and has a couple of assists with no turnover, his minutes will gradually increase.

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  • Also, as I mentioned earlier, Mack needs to improve his shooting. He cannot be taking these pull up threes like he does sometimes! He is simply not a good enough shooter to do that. If he can wait to find his shot after a couple passes, he could get an open late shot-clock three, which will improve his confidence. I believe a big part of Mack’s game is his energy. When he gets a groove and makes a couple plays in a row, he just seems more well-rounded. If he can make big plays and keep his energy high, he will have more time on the court.

    All in all, Shelvin Mack is at a low point of his short career on a very good team. He has the skills to be extremely beneficial to Atlanta and increase his rank, but can he make the plays? I guess we have to see what kind of season it will be for Mack in the first couple games. If not, Mack can count on the garbage minutes after the Hawks have clinched playoff berth. That is if he is still on the roster then. This is definitely the biggest season of Shelvin Mack’s career.

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