Atlanta Hawks: 3 Bold Predictions for Alex Len in 2018-19

Alex Len #25 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Alex Len #25 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Alex Len Will Set Some Bone-Crushing Screens

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Alex Len #21 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images) /

Len finished last season 11th in the league in screen assists per 36 minutes, which tells us his big frame will be a useful tool for Trae Young and Company to find open space to get shots off.

I expect we’ll see a lot of Len-Young pick-and-rolls this season. Imagine the prospect of trying to guard THAT.

Go over  the screen, and Young has the quickness and low center of gravity to blow by most guards, which will open up his nifty floater.

Or, if the defense closes once he enters the paint, open corners become launch pads for the sterling three-point strokes of Kevin Heurter and Kent Bazemore.

Go under the screen, and Young splashes a trey without batting an eye.

Regardless, Len will be an integral part of how things get started in a typical Atlanta Hawks offensive possession.

Visualize being an NBA guard focused on trying to stop Trae while also attempting to have eyes in the back of your head for the inevitable appearance of a 7-foot, 260 pound behemoth aching for the chance to flatten you into nalysnyky.

That’s a Ukranian variety of pancakes, in case you were wondering.

I expect we’ll see quite a bit of woozy Eastern Conference point guards trying to recollect their senses from the hardwood of State Farm Arena (if only it were The Waffle House, however).

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That’s it for our bold predictions for Alex Len, keep it tuned to Soaring Down South for Atlanta Hawks news, notes, and analysis.