Hawks Talon Gaming Club Names Starters For 2K League Three-For-All

Looking at the Hawks Talon Gaming Club’s starting roster.

The NBA 2K League ended the week by announcing the first “2KL Three-For-All Showdown” will take place beginning March 27th. The Hawks Talon GC announced their starting lineup shortly after.

With live sports being on a hiatus due to the health concerns amid the coronavirus, this online 3-on-3 tournament couldn’t be coming at a better time.

Participants will compete in the NBA 2K MyPark game mode for a shot to play against professional NBA 2K League teams and win a share of the $25,000 prize pool. Non participating fans can stream into the fun and catch all of the action live on the leagues’ official Twitch and Youtube platform.

The first stage of the showdown will run from March 27-29 and will consist of 32 fan-organized teams that will compete in a head-to-head bracket. Fans can begin signing up to compete on the 23rd on the NBA 2KL’s website.

From there, the top performers will move on to the second stage of the showdown where they will compete against professional 2KL players and other influencers.

Friday afternoon, The Hawks Talon Gaming Club, the 2KL affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks, announced their starting line up that will compete in the second stage of the tournament.

The NBA 2KL 2019 MVP runner up, BP (Michael Diaz), and 2020 draft picks Arkele (Derrion Elmore) and followTHEGOD (Kwan Larry Niblack Jr.) will make up the three starting positions.

“We’re happy to have an opportunity to participate in the NBA 2K League’s ‘Three For All’ Showdown,” said Hawks Talon GC Head Coach Wesley Acuff. “Both the fan and the 2K League brackets should be entertaining and produce some great basketball content that everyone can be supportive of.”

On March 12, the NBA 2KL announced the postponement of the league’s season that was scheduled to begin on March 24. This tournament will not only serve as a great way to keep basketball fans engaged in the sport but also give teams a chance to publicly compete with their post-draft additions and gain on-court chemistry before the season officially tips off.

According to Newzoo, the global Esports audience is expected to reach almost 454 million this year and generate a billion dollars in revenue. Of course, no one expected the NBA to be shut down indefinitely when these projections were made, but we could see these numbers increasing as Esports may gain more viewers from those who would have been watching NBA at this time.