Could Trae Young Become a Better Shooter than Steph Curry?

Trae Young #11 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Trae Young #11 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Comparing Trae Young and Steph Curry’s lethal three-point shots.

It’s without question that Stephen Curry has revolutionized the game of basketball with his ridiculous shooting range. With his hard work and dedication to the game, he has become one of the NBA’s most elite scorers in the game.His shooting ability causes a team’s defense to pick up from half court when he brings the ball up the floor. Enter Trae Young.

Steph has seemed to rub off his shooting on rising star Trae Young to a high degree. And as Young develops into a much more elite player, he could surpass his idol and take the crown as the greatest shooter.

Just two years ago, we saw Young put on exceptional performances playing for Oklahoma and absolutely was a show stopper with his ridiculous range. Many believed if he were to transition his shooting ability into the NBA with similar results, he would be one of the most dangerous offensive weapons the game has ever seen.

On the flip, there were many who doubted Young heading into the pros as well. After struggling at some point during the NBA Summer League in 2018, there were various overreactions that Young would wind up not becoming league bound by the season’s start and there were many who believed that the kid should have possibly stayed another season in college to develop a bit more.

But slowly but surely, Young would shut down all the noise and have himself a very productive career so far, to say the least. Even with the struggles he may have had early in his rookie season (as many rooks experience), he’s still managed to overcome the adversity and Atlanta is thrilled to see what he can become as time goes on.

As great of a shooter Steph Curry has become, he didn’t always supply the deep range of shots that Young has displayed since his days in High School. He was a good shooter, to say the least, but the sniper that he is known to be didn’t come until later on in his career once he took the keys of the Warriors franchise.

Luckily, Young has the shooting ability now that Curry didn’t have in his first two seasons. He has been a legitimate threat from the perimeter once he passes half court and can drain shots from the logo. Even sometimes with tight defense in front of him. Young at times can create space off the dribble and get his shot off whenever he can.

The one thing that Curry has the advantage over Young early in his career is shooting percentage. Steph in his first two seasons averaged to shoot 47 percent from the field over Young’s 43. Most of that comes from different circumstances as well.

Many forget that Curry played alongside veteran guard Monta Ellis and had to share most of the spotlight alongside him. So it was only necessary for Curry to make sure he takes high percentage shots and be in the right position.

Young, on the other hand, is relied upon to carry the offense with his scoring ability. Even though he’s playing alongside great shooters like Kevin Huerter and others, it’s no question that this team runs through Young. Setting the tone and him creating his own opportunities is what gets both himself going and his teammates as well.

Steph Curry has evolved as a shooter as his career continued on. His shooting ability and brilliance for the game has given him the opportunity to win three championship rings so far in his career. Maybe the same can rub off on Trae Young if not better. Young has been a fan favorite since he stepped into the NBA and it has all came from his ability to shoot from anywhere on the court early in his career.

Young will only get better as time goes on. He’ll be able to read defenses better and understand the perfect time to release shots no matter who is in front of him. There could be a huge chance that Young surpasses Curry as the best shooter in the world. With hard work and dedication, we just might see a new revolution of three-point shooting from Young within the next 5-6 years.

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