Hawks Talon Gaming Club Soar to Three Game Winning Streak

Recapping another Hawks Talon Gaming Victory.

The Hawks Talon Gaming Club completed their second sweep of the season on Friday night after taking down Pacers Gaming. The Hawks hit the virtual hardwood energized and claimed an early lead in game one. As the game carried on, it became more difficult for the smaller guards, Kel and BP, to find success against the Pacers’ big men.

The Pacers power forward and center duo, Jomar and woLF, were able to slow down the Hawks offensive efforts, but not completely. As BP was held to only 34% shooting from the field, Kel was able to step up as the team’s leading scorer with 25 points. The Pacers and the Hawks kept it a tight race throughout the first game of the series and took it down to the wire. A huge defensive stop was made by the Hawks to keep the Pacers from tying the match late and secured a 57-55 win for the birds.

“The defense is really clicking right now…as far as that last stop goes, we got a little bit blessed. Lee did the best he could to cut off the three and get back and contest the layup and we were able to get that stop and get the victory.” Hawks Talon Gaming Club Head Coach Wesley Acuff exclaimed.

The Pacers weren’t able to keep pace with the Hawks in game two of the series as the Hawks backcourt came full force. BP exploded for 34 points, 11 assists, and four rebounds while his partner scoring crime, Kel, put up 27 points. The two guards combined for a total of 108 points in the series and secured an 86-65 win in game two.

“The biggest thing with that is their friendship. Kel is really a team player who is going to do whatever is necessary to be successful. BP is trusting his teammate…he‘s trusting all of his teammates. But specifically with those two, he is allowing Kel to take some pressure off of him.” Acuff said.

“He understands that night in and night out, the caliber of player that he is, that defenses may scheme to shut him down. So he is sharing that load with Kel and it is contributing to our success and I think a lot of that goes into those guys’ bond and their friendship.” He finished.

The Hawks are now 3-1 as they are preparing to face the undefeated Raptors Uprising on Thursday.

“That’s a good team. First and foremost we can’t be intimidated by the record. We can’t be intimidated by their high level of play, we know what we’re capable of, we gotta prepare the same way we prepare for every other opponent…As we prepare to face them this week, we need to make sure that we lock in on what those things are that we do right that’s made us be successful and make sure that we implement those things in the game.” Acuff stated.

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