Atlanta Hawks Highlights: Cam Reddish’s 3 Best Dunks of the Season

Atlanta Hawks rookie had some great dunks this season. Which were his best three?

Cam Reddish had a very interesting rookie season for the Atlanta Hawks. The Duke product turned 10th overall pick had early struggles which were well-documented but he was able to essentially hit the opposite of “the rookie wall”, suddenly turning a corner around January.

He was truly one of the best rookies in the league in the final few months of the season. While his main strengths were three-point shooting and perimeter defense, Cam did show explosive athleticism as a scorer.

Reddish was dangerous as a transition scorer all season long and flashed a deep bag of tricks when it came to finishing around the rim. He showed off highlight-worthy euro-steps, reverses, and finger-rolls, but his dunks were always the most impressive.

His rookie highlight mixtape is full of dunks, and today we’ll be attempting to find his best three dunks of the season:

Cam’s 3rd Best Dunk: Coast-to-Coast In Brooklyn

Reddish had a few nice games against the Nets this season and had one of his best performances of the season in Barclays in mid-January, scoring 20 points, 16 in the first half.

He got things started early with a first-quarter transition look, splitting the Nets’ defense to throw down on noted rim-protector Jarrett Allen:

The dunk showcased his speed but also his patience, as his (very) slight hesitation near the three-point line opened up the lane just enough for his two-hand finish.

Cam’s 2nd Best Dunk: Dagger vs. Charlotte

The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Charlotte Hornets in double-OT on March 9th, on what ended up being their second-to-last game of the season, and their final win of the season.

Cam tallied 22 points off the bench and played a key role in both OT periods, including driving home a dunk in traffic that ended up being the dagger:

There’s a lot to break down here, as while the dunk may simple enough at first glance, it’s a great heads-up play from the rook.

First, Cam has the wherewithal to cut, seeing Trae Young in danger, even with just a few ticks left on the shot clock. Second, Trae’s left-handed whip pass is accurate, but in traffic, Cam catches it in stride like a veteran NFL receiver.

Then comes the dunk itself, which is pretty wide-open thanks to the Hornets’ defense breaking down, but requires a quick-trigger (Reddish catches the ball with about 1.6 on shot clock) and tremendous hops off flat feet.

Cam’s Best Dunk of the Season: Rookie On Rookie Crime

Reddish’s best dunk and perhaps best overall play of the season came in just his fourth ever game, and despite shooting 2-10 from the field that night, he made up for it with this poster:

Tyler Herro, drafted three spots after Reddish in the draft, was on the receiving end of the poster and while you have to admire his recovery defense, Reddish’s athletic ability showed to be too much.

Tomahawk slams are always beautiful, especially in traffic. Reddish used them often this season, but mostly on breakaway fast-break dunks. Atlanta Hawks fans everywhere would be delighted if he used them in traffic some more next season.

What was your favorite Cam Reddish dunk this season?