Atlanta Hawks Season Report Card: Charlie Brown Jr

Filling out the report card of Atlanta Hawks two-way guard Charlie Brown jr.

Grading Charlie Brown is a bit difficult, as the two-way guard played a total of just 40 minutes for the Atlanta Hawks this year. The rookie spent most of his time in the G-League, but we’ll be attempting to grade him based on a mix of his time spent up in the NBA and down with the Skyhawks.

Charlie Brown Jr 2019-2020 Season Report Card:

Offensive Grade: C +

Brown played most of his minutes in garbage time, and he wasn’t afraid to let it fly when he was given a chance in the NBA. He averaged 17.1 field goal attempts per 36 minutes played, taking 19 shots total.

More than half of those (9) were three-point attempts, not surprising as he was a sniper in college, attempting 5.7 per game across his two seasons at St. Joseph’s.

He has a pretty-looking, quick release that is built nicely for the league:

Brown was really only given one real non-garbage time opportunity to prove himself, playing 11 minutes against Brooklyn in January. He failed to capitalize on that, shooting 2-7 from the field.

For College Park, Brown was second on the team in points per game with 17.1, shooting 42 percent from the field.

Playmaking Grade: D +

With so few Opportunites on the court, Brown wasn’t looking to move the ball much, instead looking to score. He recorded a total of two assists in his ten games of play.

He wasn’t looking to rack up the dimes in College Park either, averaging just 3.0 assists in 33.2 minutes per game in the G-League. While he’s more of a two than a one, those aren’t the numbers you’d like to see from a guard.

Rebounding Grade: B

Brown has good height for a shooting guard at 6-foot-6, which he uses to his advantage on the glass. He pulled down over six boards per game in his final collegiate season and led the Skyhawks with 6.7.

That didn’t quite translate to the NBA, as he grabbed just four boards in 40 minutes of play.

Defensive Grade: C

Defense is the hardest aspect of Brown’s game to judge, as there isn’t much D played in the garbage time he played in with the Atlanta Hawks.

Brown’s defensive stats in the G-League are mediocre, although he did record the team’s second-most defensive win shares and averaged 1.5 steals per game.

Overall Atlanta Hawks Grade: Incomplete

It’s just impossible to grade someone a grade after 40 minutes of play, especially when most of those minutes were at the end of blowouts. He was valuable as a high-energy bench “mob” guy, and he was always up cheering for the team.

Overall Skyhawks Grade: B

Brown was a solid G-League performer but couldn’t quite make the leap that fellow two-way guard Brandon Goodwin did. He was one of the Skyhawks’ best players whenever he was down there, someone who could look to sign another two-way contract next year, whether that be with Atlanta or another team.

What grade would you give Atlanta Hawks’ two-way player Charlie Brown?