3 Atlanta Hawks That Could Be Traded This Off-Season

3 Atlanta Hawks that could be traded this off-season.

It’s going to be an exciting off-season for the Atlanta Hawks. They’re right on the cusp of breaking out of their rebuild and into the playoff picture, they just need to add another piece.

With the free agency pool and draft class looking pretty dry, the Hawks’ best chance of adding another star is through trade, which we’ve explored a few times already.

Here we’ll be focusing on three players the Hawks might have to give up in a trade, picking the 3 Atlanta Hawks that could be traded this off-season.

#3 – Dewayne Dedmon

Dewayne Dedmon obviously has value to the team as a backup five, exactly why they re-acquired him at the deadline earlier this year. They likely don’t want to trade him, but the Hawks’ contract situation might make him a necessary addition in a trade to make a deal work.

With Jeff Teague, Vince Carter, and Treveon Graham coming off the books, centers Dedmon and Clint Capela are the lone Atlanta Hawks not on their rookie contract (Excluding Brandon Goodwin, who’s making the near-minimum).

Unless the Hawks turn-heel and want to flip Capela, Dedmon’s $13 million might have to be thrown in to make the money work.

#2 – Kevin Huerter

If the Hawks were to pull off a blockbuster trade for a star, they’d almost certainly have to include one of their young wings. Huerter, along with De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish, provide high trade value with their youth and potential, but Huerter might be the most expendable for the Hawks.

His spot-up shooting, while great, is easier to find in the league than Reddish’s and Hunter’s robust perimeter defense. The two rookies are more well-rounded than Huerter, making Kev the most likely to be shipped off in a deal.

#1 – Their First Round Pick

Is this cheating? This feels like cheating.

Alas, the Atlanta Hawks are in a prime position to move their first-round pick with a roster already chock-full of young talent. As mentioned, the draft is considered a weak one giving the Hawks less than a usual top-eight pick would.

But it can certainly be used as a headliner in a potential trade that would net them a player likely better than anyone in the class.