3 Best Atlanta Hawks From Triangle-Era of Jerseys

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Picking the best Atlanta Hawks players from the triangle-era of jerseys.

If you’re an Atlanta Hawks fan, you have certainly seen the team’s new uniforms that were revealed earlier this week. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive from both hardcore and casual fans, as well as non-Hawks fans.

Even the more negative reviews couldn’t deny they are an improvement over the triangle-patterned jerseys of old.

Revealed in June of 2015 and put to rest in July of 2020, the “Volt Green” and “feathered” jerseys lived an incredibly short life for a group of base uniforms. Teams usually go at least 10 ten years, often much longer between rebrands, and the Hawks were already known for switching their look more than other teams.

To commemorate the retirement of their old jerseys, we’ll be highlighting the three best players to play for the Hawks during that era. Given the amount of turnover the Hawks had in recent seasons, this ended up being a harder proposition than it seemed on paper.

No player lasted on the team throughout the entirety of the triangle-era, which was only five seasons long. There were also a good amount of honorable mentions, which we’ll get to before the list.

Honorable Mentions:

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