Which Atlanta Hawks Player Has the Highest Trade Value?

Determining which Atlanta Hawks player has the highest trade value.

The Atlanta Hawks are looking to take the next step and make the 2021 NBA playoffs after a few years of rebuilding their franchise. They seem to be just a move or two away from being real competitors. The Hawks are often attached to trade rumors revolving around the 2020 draft and their young stars. Which Hawk has the highest trade value? John Collins.

Trae Young is untouchable. The Hawks should not and will not trade him, so this was decided without Young being in the mix. John Collins has the highest value outside of Trae Young, but this has to be discussed a little further.


Why John Collins has the Highest Value


Collins has played three years in the NBA, and he has gotten better every season. That is a true testament to how he develops as a player. If he keeps getting better, he will be a perennial all-star.

Collins has already established himself as an offensive big man in this league, and teams will look at that as a positive if they are interested in trading for him.


Yes, Collins has played three seasons, but he does not turn 23 years old until September. He is still a couple of years away from entering his prime. The blend of his youth and experience is something that is hard to come by in this league.

A team that is looking to add some juice into their frontcourt will definitely look in Collins’ direction. He has so much time to grow and fine-tune his game.


John Collins put up 21.6 points and 10.6 rebounds per game this year. These are all-star level statistics. He will be an all-star if these numbers improve at all.

He is not an elite defender, but he has improved his game on that side of the ball. Collins is really putting it together, and he would have probably been an all-star if it was not for his 25-game suspension early on in the season.

Who Did He Edge Out?

Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish is right behind Collins in terms of trade value. The reason Collins has more value right now is that he has a little more experience and is a little more proven. Reddish has all of the potential in the world and got better at the end of his rookie season, but Collins has been one of Atlanta’s best players for the last three seasons and is putting up great numbers.

If Reddish starts reaching his potential, he will surpass Collins in terms of trade value. There are rumors that Collins could be traded because of the Hawks’ hesitation to offer him a max extension, so Atlanta may very well receive that value that he has in the near future.

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Does anybody have more trade value than John Collins on the Atlanta Hawks?