Is it Too Early For the Atlanta Hawks to Go All-in?

Accessing the Atlanta Hawks upcoming off-season which could be a very big one.

Even though they finished far from the playoffs, the Atlanta Hawks might be the most interesting team to watch in the 2020 off-season. They have the league’s most cap space, a top-ten draft pick, and a deep bag of young assets with high trade value.

There’s a lot of directions the team could go in this fall, and there’s really no right or wrong answer as to what they should do. While many impatient fans will plead with the front office to go all-in (which is certainly a possibility), is that the best idea?

With both the free agency pool and draft class looking weaker than usual, any big-time acquisition would have to come via trade. The Hawks, as mentioned, have the assets to make a splash in the trade market, and the right pickup could help push them from the bottom of the standings to the playoffs.

Joel Embiid, Bradley Beal, Jrue Holiday, Ben Simmons, and Andrew Wiggins (among others) could all be on the block this off-season, and all would provide immense value to Atlanta.

A big trade like that would likely cost the team their first-round pick and two or three of their young studs. John Collins has been in trade rumors for quite some time, and while Atlanta Hawks fans hate to admit it, trading for an All-Star caliber player would likely cost Collins.

Collins played like an All-Star after returning from suspension in 2020, forming a dynamic duo with Trae Young that helped the team win five of their final 11 games.

While the other young guys on their roster may seem more expendable, they are also less proven. The last thing the Hawks want to do is trade someone like De’Andre Hunter or Kevin Huerter only to watch them become a star in a different jersey.

Ideally, the Hawks would make their draft pick, sign a few veteran free agents, and see how they fare in 2021, but there could be pressure on the front office to end this rebuild now.

While a big splash could easily turn the Hawks into championship contenders, it could backfire in a big way.

What should the Atlanta Hawks do this off-season?