Atlanta Hawks: How can John Collins remain happy with the team?

It was reported that John Collins was open to leaving the Atlanta Hawks to explore other options. Over the past few weeks, rumors have speculated about the complicated relationship between both Collins and Trae Young as a duo. Although things may not be perfect now, the best decision for John Collins is to remain as a Hawk.

Despite the struggles this season, Collins has been a productive factor for the Hawks. He’s averaging 18.1 points per game and seven rebounds. Playing alongside Clint Capela in the frontcourt, Collins can space the floor on offense and provide strength and athleticism on both ends. Due to Collins’ impact, the Hawks were able to get off to a hot start at the beginning of the season. Their ability to keep the ball moving was phenomenal to keep everyone on the floor involved.

It’s no question that Collins’ numbers are down from a season ago. He isn’t benefiting the same from a player’s perspective that he was last year. Last season, Collins averaged 21.6 points along with a career-high 10.1 rebounds. One can say the reason his numbers have dwindled was due to the emergence of Capela, a player who has been the enforcer for Atlanta. Besides that, Collins should still be enthusiastic about the direction his team is going.

Can the Atlanta Hawks keep John Collins happy?

The question is how can Lloyd Pierce figure out how to keep Collins happy on the floor? Can he put the ball in his hands more so he can create for himself? Collins shows to be a very versatile player so it is important to keep him in rhythm. Collins so far is averaging 13 shot attempts per game, which is second behind Trae Young. Having the offense run through Collins at certain points of the game can keep him happy and put the Hawks in a better position to win.

Despite all of the issues and voices of concern, John Collins should look to remain as an Atlanta Hawk. Of course, he will grow into a potential all-star with any organization. But the Hawks are in a position where they can become a playoff team for a very long time. Both Young and Collins show the ability to be a dominant 1-2 punch on the floor. If both of these players are on the same page, the two of them are dangerous to compete with. Let’s also not forget to mention the emergence of players in De’Andre Hunter and Kevin Huerter, among others.

The Hawks do not have their early-season success without the impact of John Collins. To keep him happy, the coaching staff must continue to allow him to become a force on both ends. Things may be stagnant for the team at the moment. But with more effort and communication, things can potentially turn around quickly.