Should the Atlanta Hawks pursue a Victor Oladipo trade?

The Atlanta Hawks have been struggling of late. They have multiple injury issues and as a result, they are running out of legs in games which they are in a position to win. However, the Hawks cannot get caught up in that, they need to look to the second part of the season.

Now that the Hawks are starting to listen to offers on John Collins, they need to find players who are going to fit in with the franchise needs. They don’t need to replace Collins’ position, they did that in the offseason when they traded for Danilo Gallinari.

The Hawks need to gradually improve their pieces that surround their franchise centerpiece, Trae Young. Their pivot is one of the best in the NBA in Clint Capela who is leading the NBA in rebounds and top-5 in blocks.

They also have the third cornerstone in De’Andre Hunter who is currently out injured due to a knee injury. He is showing enough talent that he is going to be a force in the league for years to come. The position that seems to require the most urgent upgrade is the shooting guard.

Why the Atlanta Hawks need to upgrade the two-guard spot.

At the moment the Hawks’ options at the two-guard are limited. Cam Reddish has regressed and if Hunter was not injured he would most certainly be starting the game from the bench. While he is one of the better defenders on the Hawks squad, his struggles from behind the line are concerning.

Kevin Huerter has replaced Reddish in the starting lineup and is a solid contributor playing next to Young. However, Huerter has yet to grow into his game fully and cannot take the load when Young is off the court, yet.

It is difficult to know if off-season recruit,  Bogdan Bogdanovic would have been able to have taken on this role with any success due to the injury he suffered to his knee. So, what the Hawks need is a player who can play alongside Young at the start of the game and then take over the offense when he sits.

The answer to this conundrum lies with the Houston Rockets. They received Victor Oladipo as part of the James Harden trade. Oladipo has played alongside some of the best in the game in Russell Westbrook and John Wall and has flourished.

While he is in the last season of his deal, Oladipo is a really good fit for the Hawks. He is an elite perimeter defender which fits the identity of the team. He can shoulder the offensive load or he can create for others.

While this seems to be a risk, because it will probably require John Collins to make the trade for a player on an expiring deal, they have said that they are looking for a first-round pick in return for Collins. However, it would be worth the risk as they could get a first-round pick and a solid player to pair with Young.

Verdict: Pursue