Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young needs to learn from Damian Lillard

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports /

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young was a snub from the All-Star team this season. He was able to make the team last season but appears to have lost the love of fans outside of Atlanta. He also did not seem to garner much support from his peers either.

Even when two players were placed into the NBA’s health and safety protocols, Young could have been called up to help fill the roster, given his proximity to the arena. He could have replaced Ben Simmons while Clint Capela, could have replaced Joel Embiid. Both of these Hawks players have been incredible this year and could have been All-Stars anyway.

Unfortunately for the two Hawks stars, the NBA decided not to replace Simmons and Embiid at such late notice. This meant that the All-Star snub was complete for Young and so many other good players. So, how then can Young learn from Damian Lillard?

How Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young can learn from Damian Lillard.

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Lillard did not make the All-Star team in his rookie season but was then selected to play the next two games in the following seasons. Then, despite a massive improvement in his numbers in his fourth season, Lillard was snubbed the following two years.

Fortunately for the Blazers, Lillard responded in his typical fashion after each snub. He had huge games, reminding the entire league how incredible he is. He let his game do the talking, showing that he was prepared to work harder to get what he wanted.

The best thing that Young can do right now is to use that snub to fuel his desire never to feel that way again. He needs to channel any negative emotion that he may feel due to not being selected into showing the NBA, the fans, players, media, and coaches that they made a mistake.

If he is able to do this then his play will benefit the Hawks in so many ways. He will be able to lead them into the playoffs, rather than the tournament, which will help them control their own fate. Young needs to turn this setback into a positive.

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