Atlanta Hawks: They have an advantage due to six home games out of the last seven

The Atlanta Hawks have only seven games left in the season. Fortunately for the franchise, six of these are at State Farm Arena. I say fortunately because they are facing some good, playoff, and play-in bound opposition and the Hawks have won their last five at home.

The Hawks have a really good chance at locking up the fourth seed in the playoffs if they can just keep their home court intact. Win all six of their home games and they should overtake the New York Knicks in the standings.

The surprising Knicks are sitting in the fourth seed currently, holding a one-game advantage and the tiebreaker over the Hawks. However, they are about to embark on a six-game road trip where they will encounter the Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, and the LA Clippers.

The Atlanta Hawks are in a good position to secure a playoff berth

The Hawks, despite their three-game losing streak, are in a really good place to keep the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat behind them in the standings. This is not just because the Hawks have the tiebreaker over both these two teams.

One of the quirks of the fixture this season is that teams play each other twice in a row. The Hawks just did it with the 76ers, and the Celtics play the Heat at home twice. They also play their other five games on the road which will be taxing for a ball club that has not been consistent all season long.

The Heat, apart from the away doubleheader against the Celtics, have only three home games left. One of these is against the Philadelphia 76ers followed by an away game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The rest of the season is going to provide a tremendous level of entertainment and intrigue and hopefully, the Hawks end up coming out with a guaranteed playoff spot.