Atlanta Hawks: Why the second Washington Wizards game will be different

The Atlanta Hawks take on the Washington Wizards in the second game of a baseball series. They won the first game by a single point. This was a historic night for the NBA as Russell Westbrook broke Oscar Robertson’s 50-year-old triple-double record.

Fortunately for the Hawks, it was not enough to break their home winning streak which sits at nine games, a streak that dates back to the 9th of April. This has been the backbone of their run towards a home seed. They need to keep this up for the remaining three home games.

The Wizards are going to provide the greatest challenge for the Hawks in the remaining three games, however, it is going to be different the second time around. They were without Bradley Beal in the first game, he is also going to miss the season game.

How is the Atlanta Hawks’ second game against the Wizards going to be different?

The first point of difference is the Hawks are not going to have De’Andre Hunter. The second-year wing looked good against the Wizards but is being kept out of the second game as part of his injury management.

However, this is not going to be the biggest difference. The Wizards are still chasing the best seeding they can manage and with three games left, the Wizards could finish as high as eighth. Considering their start to the season, this would be a tremendous achievement.

This desperation is not going to be different from the last game. What is going to be different is that history has been made. They were all looking to be at their best to help Westbrook achieve his personal milestone, but, now this is going to be a regular game.

The Hawks bench was completely outplayed last game. They know the importance of this game and will look for redemption in this game. With the level of the Wizards’ intensity down a peg and the Hawks’ bench intensity about to go up a peg, it will be interesting to see the result.