Atlanta Hawks: Solomon Hill lost his starting spot through lack of offense

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks made one change to their starting lineup in Game 4 against the Philadelphia 76ers. They sat Solomon Hill and started Kevin Huerter in his place. It was lucky that they did this as this game was pretty much win or go home.

If the Hawks went into Philadelphia with a 3-1 series deficit, then it is likely that the 76ers would close out the series easily. Instead of that, the Hawks have leveled the series and hopefully have some luck on the injury front. Trae Young’s shoulder was iced when he sat during the game, but Joel Embiid looked hobbled and was ineffective. Expect Young to play in the next game though.

A big reason for this was the production of Huerter. While he only had 10 points, he made shots throughout the game meaning that there was greater spacing on the floor. Young, even with his shoulder being iced when he sat made the most of it with 18 assists.

The Atlanta Hawks needed more from Solomon Hill

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I say that Huerter only had 10 points for the game. The problem for Hill was that he has scored 10 points for the entire playoffs so far. While his defense is good, the impact that Huerter’s scoring has on the team’s spacing is massive.

Yes, the Hawks still went down by a big margin in the second quarter, but there is always the possibility that Huerter will go off. The 76ers would remember the first game of the series where Huerter hit two shots from deep during the run in the second period which cost them that game. This means they needed to stay at home with him.

Huerter also has a tremendous ability to put the ball on the floor and hurt you inside. Hill has only taken two shots inside the arc. This means that, in six games,  he has taken a total of 13 shots from deep giving the 76ers defenders the ability to cheat off him. While he has done everything for the team this season, this series might be a step too far.

Kevin Huerter is improving his extencion value. dark. Next

Due to the Huerter move working really well for Game 4, expect him to be in the starting lineup next game. This will again take the pressure off Young, and if Embiid does not play, the Hawks could take the game leading to a potential series decider at State Farm Arena.