The Atlanta Hawks need to use Danilo Gallinari more in the post

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

Danilo Gallinari needs to be used more like an old-fashioned back-to-the-basket big man for the Atlanta Hawks. Thanks to the league falling in love with the 3-point shot due to the Splash Brothers’ success with the Golden State Warriors, players like Gallinari are being used incorrectly.

While he does have the ability to shoot the 3-ball at over 40.0 percent, he is one of the most capable players of getting three points down the court the old-fashioned way. He is able to draw the foul with regularity in the post and made his free throws at 92.5 percent over the season.

The Hawks have enough players who can space the floor but only John Collins and Gallinari are able to work inside in the post and exploit switching defenses. While Kevin Huerter exploited his matchup with Seth Curry, Gallinari can do this throughout the season.

The benefits for the Atlanta Hawks posting up Danilo Gallinari

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With the NBA defenses being set up to defend the perimeter, the Hawks can utilize this point of difference. Due to the amount of switching that teams now do, it is no longer possible for teams to guarantee who is going to defend in the post.

Gallinari has bulked up over his career and is now 6’10” and 233 pounds. Unless an opposition power forward or center has managed to stay inside the paint, Gallinari is going to have the advantage.

He is not your quickest player but is able to put the ball on the floor. He also has the ability to take a good mid-range shot if he is taller than his opponent. He has a high release which makes it very hard for a smaller player to block his shot.

Gallinari can also make the most of the deep post often causing players to foul him. When he is drawing the fouls that he converts so well at the line, he is getting the Hawks closer to the penalty and putting fouls on the opposition big men. I am not saying that he should not shoot the 3-ball, he just needs a lot more plays drawn up for him in the post.

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