Atlanta Hawks: Trae Young drops his first signature shoe in October

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports /

Atlanta Hawks superstar point guard Trae Young has a shoe coming out on the 1st of October. After signing with Adidas prior to draft night, the apparel company announced back in December of 2020 that they would be releasing a Trae Young 1.

Getting a show deal is a massive thing for a player. Only the best get these deals as companies need to get a return on their investment. A players’ profile needs to be big enough that he has appeal worldwide and it is safe to say that Young has managed to appeal to the world.

You will have his critics, every player has them. However, that simply means that people are looking for a reason to criticize in order to bring them back to earth. Considering how Young had a historical first playoff series, there is no way he is coming back to earth any time soon.

What the shoe deal means for Atlanta Hawks superstar Trae Young

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The Hawks star is humbled by the fact that his family name is on a shoe that is going to be sold around the world. This is the start of the recognition that Young deserves given how he has played since entering the league.

Young’s appeal lies in that he is relatable to the non-NBA basketball player. His perceived weakness, that he is too small, is something that people who are not NBA players can relate to. They can try to emulate his game without being physically imposing like most of the top NBA players.

This is a really good reason for the shoe to be manufactured As the narrative around Young continues to change with him leading the Hawks to more wins, his popularity will continue to grow.

This is the next step for Young in his quest to get the recognition that he deserves. Now the NBA needs to show him some love by recognizing his performances with an All-NBA selection at the end of this season, assuming he continues to play at the level he has so far in his career.

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