Atlanta Hawks : 3 improvements Cam Reddish must make next season

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Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks offseason improvement for Cam Reddish No.3) Staying healthy 

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The best player is an available player and Reddish was unable to be available last season. Reddish was robbed of his second year and now this season staying healthy is key. The thing you kept hearing during the Hawks playoff run is can you imagine if they had both wings in Reddish and Hunter.

You only saw them both for a single round each in the playoffs. Reddish is key for the Hawks’ success and for him to impact the team he has to stay healthy. Then also if he doesn’t stay healthy that can also hinder his development as a player. Reddish doesn’t want to be a player with potential but never being able to show it.

The big thing I’m sure for McMillian to see as well is Reddish being reliable, to gain that trust not just in his play but in his health as well. If that happens, we may see an unleashed Reddish and if that Game 6 against the Bucks is any indication, the future is very bright.

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Cam Reddish again has a big year three ahead of him and it’s going to be exciting to see what happens. If Reddish reaches his potential, that could be the driving force that pushes the Hawks towards the Finals.