Paolo Banchero has redeemed himself again after beef with Atlanta Hawks star

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray recently squashed his beef with Paolo Banchero after the All-Star made the No. 1 pick look silly in their first Pro-Am battle. It was in the Crawsover Pro-Am that was cut short that the two of them settled their differences.

This was big of both players as Murray called out Banchero very publically which is not something that young players tend to deal with very well at all. After the two made up, with Murray helping Banchero up off the floor, it took a little bit of interest out of the Magic series but it also showed that both players are mature.

However, there was another incident in the Pro-Am which showed that Banchero seems to be a good person as well as a really good basketball player. That incident was the regrettable injury to Chet Holmgren which every team needs to take note of.

After the Atlanta Hawks beef, Paolo Banchero has been a good NBA citizen.

After Holmgren was injured, one of the first players to show love and respect to his former college rival was Banchero. This was before it was announced that Holmgren was going to be out for the entirety of his rookie season.

This will put Banchero in an almost unbackable position to take out the rookie of the year honor. However, you get the impression that Banchero would rather win the title coming up against the best possible competition, which is what a healthy Holmgren would provide.

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If Banchero continues to show the NBA that he is a true talent on the court and also a good leader off the court, this can only bode well for the Orlando Magic. Banchero, if he continues to show this level of maturity will go a long way to helping build a winning culture for a team that has been struggling to make much noise in the NBA since 2009 when they lost the finals.