13 Free agents the Atlanta Hawks can pursue to strengthen the roster

Rui Hachimura #28 of the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Rui Hachimura #28 of the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Hawks
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The Atlanta Hawks are gearing up for an eventful offseason, as they aim to bolster their roster with free agents and make a strong push in the NBA. With the free agency period approaching, the Hawks have their sights set on acquiring talented players who can contribute immediately. In this article, we will explore the potential free agency pickups for the Atlanta Hawks and dive into the history of the team’s successful signings in the past.

The Importance of Free Agency for the Atlanta Hawks

Free agency serves as a crucial opportunity for teams like the Atlanta Hawks to revamp their roster and add valuable talent to their lineup. The Hawks have recognized the need for improvements after their recent playoff shortcomings. By targeting impactful free agents, the team hopes to address its weaknesses and build a formidable squad that can contend in the highly competitive NBA landscape.

The Hawks desperately need improvements at the forward/center positions, as I feel like they have really good guards.

This post will be all about the best possible forwards and centers they could acquire. Stick around till the end for some Sweet Lou nostalgia, as one potential free agent signing could change everything when the season begins.

The Best Free Agents the Atlanta Hawks Could Acquire

1. Andre Drummond (Center)

Andre Drummond, a dominant force on the glass, could be a valuable addition to the Hawks’ frontcourt. He was once known as a dunking/rebounding machine, as he spent a lot of time in Detroit where he solidified himself as a top 5 center in the NBA at one point in time. Despite not being the player he once was, Drummond still possesses the ability to secure rebounds and finish plays around the rim. His presence as a reserve player could provide a significant boost to the team’s depth.

2. Paul Reed (Center/Forward)

Paul Reed might just be my favorite player on this list. He grinded in the G League, winning an MVP award. Watching his highlights I always wondered how he wasn’t in the NBA. He is so versatile and mobile for his size and position. As a bench option, Paul Reed offers similar qualities to Onyeka Okongwu, with his solid rebounding, defensive skills, and attacking ability. Adding Reed to the roster would provide the Hawks with another reliable option in the frontcourt rotation.

3. Mason Plumlee (Center)

Mason Plumlee is famous for his insane highlight reel, he’s one of the guys that you would never expect to be so crafty. I would go on to say his highlight reel makes him look like Magic Johnson.
Plumlee’s skill set and versatility make him an intriguing prospect for the Hawks. With his impressive bag of tricks, Plumlee could excel as a pick-and-roll partner for Trae Young. Additionally, his passing abilities and reasonable price tag make him an attractive option for the team.