Hawks' potential trade partner wary of cost to swing deal: Insider

One league insider detailed a potential complication -- and solution -- to the Atlanta Hawks swinging a major trade in the 2024 NBA Draft.
Atlanta Hawks general manager Landry Fields
Atlanta Hawks general manager Landry Fields / Anadolu/GettyImages

The Atlanta Hawks have a monumental decision ahead of them with the No. 1 overall pick and no consensus about what they might do.

Amid reports that they could look to trade out of the slot, their latest potential top trade partner – the San Antonio Spurs – still has an interest in a potential trade up to land the No. 1 pick, per The Stein Line’s Marc Stein.

However, the potential cost of doing business could prove too steep for the Spurs.

“I've heard … that maybe [No.] 4 and 8 is too rich in [the Spurs’] view, or what the Hawks would really want is to get that 2025 unprotected first-round pick that they gave to the Spurs in the Dejonte Murray trade back,” ESPN’s Jonathan Givony said on “The Lowe Post” podcast on June 24. 

“That would open up so many possibilities for them then you could trade Trae Young, and Dejounte Murray, and Clint Capela, and DeAndre Hunter and start this earnest rebuild, which you know could be really exciting.”

Givony points to forward Cooper Flagg, 2-guard Dylan Harper, wings Ace Bailey and VJ Edgecomb, and point guard Noah Traore as the top targets next year.

The Hawks are also said to potentially still have an interest in drafting Alexandre Sarr at No. 1.

This is despite his intentionally not working out for the team privately before the draft. He did spend two yeas in Atlanta with Overtime Elite and the Hawks were one of the teams to meet with him at the combine in Chicago.

Alexandre Sarr not only prospect cool on joining Hawks

“Here's what's fascinating about him: he doesn't really seem like he wants to play for the Hawks even though that would be the No. 1 pick. He has elected not to come work out for them, and it makes you wonder what would happen,” ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on “The Hoop Collective” on June 24. 

“What the Hawks have said privately is they did meet with him at the combine, they've done their whole batch of research on him, they've seen him play, they have his Medicals, they have his testing, they have talked to people as coaches. They've done their full due diligence. They say they would still take him, and that he's under consideration for the No. 1 pick along with Risacher and maybe another player or two.”

Givony initially downplayed the idea that Sarr – who has spoken highly of playing for the Hawks – flat out did not want to.

“I've been told that it's not so much that Alex Sarr doesn't want to play for Atlanta as much as he prefers to play for the Washington Wizards. Maybe that's semantics; it's a polite way of saying it,” Givony said. 

Givony said Sarr could see a larger role for himself with Washington when comparing depth charts. 

“We can talk about all the situation in Atlanta with Trae Young and Dejounte Murray and all the drama that's around there and, maybe, that's not a situation that is that attractive to a young player,” Givony said. “A lot of players tried to avoid the Hawks last year.”

That final line is potentially the most damning considering it speaks to the uncertainty around the organization being an enduring issue.