Dwight Howard Speaks On Who Was Tougher Teammate, Kobe Bryant or James Harden

Dwight Howard gets politically correct when asked by Dan Patrick which relationship was more difficult between Kobe Bryant & James Harden.


To quote the late great rapper Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G., Dwight Howard has “been in this game for years, it made him an animal”. With that said, Howard is learning to keep his mouth closed and his eyes and ears more wide open. With a fresh start with the Atlanta Hawks, Howard knows he must keep his head on a swivel and remain as politically correct as possible. How politically correct, you may have asked yourself? So politically correct he knew not to exactly answer the question Dan Patrick asked him yesterday on his show. Howard was asked out of Kobe Bryant and James Harden, who was the most difficult teammate to play with. he respectfully acknowledged that they were both “great competitors” although they all were own different planes in their career. To see the question and answer, check it out below.

Here’s a transcript of some of the audio below.

“Both of those guys are great competitors,” Howard said. “I just think the timing was off for all of us. You know we were all on different paths in our careers. Kobe was at the tail end and James is on the rise. You know it was just two different types of teams.

“I don’t want to stir up anything. I think both of those guys are great players. And you know despite what people say me and Kobe didn’t have one of those bad relationships. Like I said, we were in two different parts of our career. And I think a lot of the things that were going on (were) hyped up and people thought it was more than what it really was. Personally, I can never hate any player or hate on any player. You know all of us are blessed to be able to play in the NBA. It’s not easy to make it here (and) it’s not easy to stay here, you know.”